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Increase your landing page conversion rate with actionable copy audits.
25+ messaging and positioning suggestions tailored to you, your audience, and your goals!

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I help entrepreneurs like YOU!

Alex, the founder of Portabella

Tony, the founder of Chromabill finance

Andrea, the founder of Zero to Marketing

I believe in two things: good coffee,
and good copy.

You're going to have to take care of the first, but I can help you with the second.

Every copy audit includes:

  • 25+ professional rewrite and conversion suggestions tailored to your product and your audience

  • SEO and keyword research

  • Audience and competitor research

  • Instructions for addressing the objections that are stopping your visitors from converting

  • Instructions for highlighting benefits that will turn your window-shopping visitors into happy customers

And more!

So that your landing page can do what it's meant to do: convince your visitors that your product is the ripest peach in the orchard.

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Who am I?

...and what's with all that coffee talk?

My name is Lana and I believe in making the most of what you already have. I'm a professional copywriter who got hooked on the delicious energy boost of coffee while running her own marketing agency.

Then I realized that all my marketing knowledge could be put to better use: crafting a mean sales pitch that covers all avenues and delights your customers.

The world is full of cookie-cutter copy.

I'm here to help you do something phenomenal.

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Copy audits not your jam? No problemo! We can write your copy from scratch, or I can lend you an ear if you need advice.

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